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I am pretty sure most of us are familiar with the famous saying;“opposites attract” even though it is strictly used in reference to the dating worldit does too relate to the fashion worldBlack and white colors are prime examples; they are the exact opposites but yet they go so well together.Bright and dull colors tend to go well together because they compliment each other.When it comes to pairing and creating outfits, color coordination is very important.Another important thought to keep in mind is your body size.Ladies and some gents we have to know ourselves, know what works well and what will or will not flatter our bodies.I think we are all beautifully created, self-acceptance is the key.


Foto1I had created this outfit of the day in about two minutes or so when I was rearranging my closet.Closet rearranging is something I frequently do when am bored.While in the process, I stumbled upon my olive skirt which I have never worn before I then decided to create an outfit.I had envisioned the olive skirt matching well with a brighter color. While having other tops in mind, I opted for the mustard body suit.I then gathered my animal print shoes and animal print bag which I bought during my visit back home in Zambia.It was love at first sight with the bag

Outfit Deets

  • Olive skirt.
  • Animal print shoes  from Gabes Formally known as Rugged wear-house.
  • Animal Print Bag Purchased while in Zambia as mentioned above.

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Women hygiene :Feminine Hygiene products for odor 



Maintaining féminine hygiene is important for every woman’s health,even though our special organ/golden area (keeping it PG) is a self cleansing organ ladies its important to shower our special organ with extra care to prevent odors,itching and discomfort.  Practising feminine hygiene can also prevent bacterial infections which may lead to cancer,UTI ‘s and worst case sterility.At the same time you don’t really wanna go over board cause it might cause irritation,PH imbalance and disturbance of Norma Flora (bacteria essential to our health),therefore some of  the tips/products am sharing  should  not be be used every day but mainly should be used when mother nature pays us a  visit or whenever one feels the need to use them.

Intimate wipesIMG_3308

These are non scented wipes that help keep our golden area odor free and feeling fresh.These are best used after every visit from the bathroom and also during mother nature’s visit.They are alcohol and paraben free.They are very soft and gentle.I like the individual packaging because its very convenient and  perfect for on the go and they  pretty much can fit all pocket sizes.

Mini Lingerie basketIMG_3313

I like this little bag that i recently came across on ALiexpress,I like it cause really helps keep your underwear in place,Its washer safe and i think its very neat.You can separate and launder all your underwear at once.

Summers eve IMG_3306.JPG

I know there has been both some good and bad reviews about summers eve products especially the washes but personally speaking they work well for me ,  i don’t remember the last time i had an infection (TMI) keep in mind i do not use the wash everyday.The summers eve  feminine wash helps prevent odor and smell to our golden area.The wash is PH balanced, does not contain parabens, methylchloisothiazolinone and DMDM Hydantoin etc these are harmful ingredients and can be easily absorbed into the body,so please always look out for harmful ingredients such as these on any feminine product you intend to buy.Do your research!

Panty LinersIMG_3307.JPGThese are a must have for every woman,i use the unscented ones i love them cause they promote freshness and  prevent odor.These are also perfect for people who experience leaks after coughing,sneezing and laughing so hard.

Cleansing sponge

IMG_3315.JPGI Think its very important to have separate wash cloths,rugs, sponges  etc whatever you chose to use and call them. Altleast have one for cleaning your golden area and one for the rest of your body thus to prevent transfer of germs from one body party to another.I know this maybe a no-brainer for others but for some this maybe something they haven’t really thought about.

Sanitary/Toiletry bAg

IMG_3330This is another must have because it always  comes to the rescue.You can leave it in your car or carry it in your purse.Toiletry/sanitary bags are essential for  everyday ,traveling and can come to your rescue when mother nature visits you unexpectedly.P.s They have smaller bags in Walmart

Others: Cranberry JuiceIMG_2605

Even though Cranberry juice has other health benefits such as for the heart and brain its also helpful to prevent urinary tract infections in women because it keeps the urine acidic and therefore preventing bacteria growth down there.I would recommend the organic Cranberry juice form Traders Joes.

Black Soap


Now i don’t know how true this is but i have been told that black soap helps keep our special organ muscles tight, personally haven’t tried but  its known to be true.So i don’t know if anyone out there has tried it yet.Just thought i share for anyone interested.I would recommend kegel exercises for anyone seeking that need to tighten .

TIP For others that prefer the natural way of just water  you can aswell try vinegar it helps kill bacteria thus preventing odor.

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Summer Essentials:Sunglasses what they say about you

IMG_3257Sunglasses in this modern are now more so used to make a fashion statement than for eye protection.Ever  heard of the saying “you are what you wear” sounds very cliche but true.Your outfit, your shoes,nail art and accessories etc all play a role in your identity and how people perceive you.Summing it up we human beings do often tend to judge a book by its cover, but really i say what should really matter is what God thinks of you and what you think of yourself.So i decided to share a collection of sunglasses and what i think they say .P.s some have never been worn and are up for grabs like the first ones feel free to ask.

The Retro round Kaleidoscope sunglassesIMG_3258

These are unisex but i think they are more on the girly side.These style of glasses  are very cool looking these say you are more of party girl  with a carefree  spirit,you just love to explore,try new things and are adventurous .P.S they do have a pinkish and purplish tone just cannot  see that because the camera flash was on.

Oversize Gradient Vintage SunglassesIMG_3271

These are my Fav,I like to call these the Kim K glasses,because i have noticed Kim K loves to wear oversize glasses.These say back off you  having a bad day or LEAVE ME ALONE not today.These can also mean you are  not feeling your best today so sunglasses to the rescue.I think they look fancy and  expensive, these are more for people with small oval faces.

Royal girl  Fashion SunglassesIMG_3263

These say you are chic and stylish,you can dress for the occasion .These are more for the girly girl and for someone fascinated with pink.They look fancy and are perfect for any face size.These are perfect for pictures under the sun because they  blend in well with most colors and patterns.

Cat eye Vintage sunglasses


These are my second favorite,I love these because they can be dressed with anything.These say you are  unique and bold and not afraid to bring it back in style.These are very beautiful and stylish,i think they are appropriate for most ages.

Flat Top Mirror Clear sunglasses 


These are best worn when make up is on fleek or the new saying “when your face is beat” because of their transparency,you pretty much just wanna look your best with these but they still would work for people that are not so into make up.These say you can be naughty ( in a good way *wink) or nice.

Winla Fashion Rivet Shade UV400 Sunglasses


These are very neutral ,suitable for any occasion and outfit.These  are more on the simple side  these say you love to keep it simple in style,you are not dramatic more like more on the reserved side.

Donna Vintage Nude Sunglasses


These are very simple and neutral; a little boring i must say.These  are appropriate for any age.These say you are a simple girly girl that loves  to look stylish in your own way,don’t care if you seem boring as long you okay with it.Perfect for everyday wear

Cat eye Twin-Beams coating Mirror sunglassesIMG_3280

These are very stylish and can add some level of glow to ones appearance.They help you  appear more vibrant on pictures ( they are photochromic).These say you love to look good,making statements with fashion is your thing.These are for the girly girl i love the way they look.These  were really trending on IG not too long ago.

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Bedroom Decor

IMG_3235 Bedroom decor is very simple  i didn’t go all out,well maybe not just yet because i do plan on adding more decor. I went for grey beddings,grey is said to symbolize calm and quiet and thats exactly what i need when am trying to rest sometimes am defeated when the  night clubs next to my apartment begin to play loud music.The beddings are from Hautelook.com the best site to get designer brand products for lower price because they usually have amazing sales.The  red satin bed sheets are the bomb,Red is also said to symbolize passion and excitement,yeah i know i kinda contradicted myself there with grey but it seems like am just inlove with Red,my red bathroom has red decor aswell.Just a tip;Satin bedsheets are seasonal its best to use them in winter time cause they tend to get hot.I used to find myself waking up in the middle of night quiet sweaty and having to run the AC.My dresser and head board  Set are from Home Depot, i have had the set for a while now and i must say it was one of my best investments.

Does anyone have any suggestions?What do you think are ideal bedroom colors please share?

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My Loft Apartment Decor

After having several bad experiences with  room -mating,i finally decided it was time to get my own place.Ideally i wanted to live close to my school of attendance VCU ,that way i didn’t have to worry about parking because parking is such a hassle at my school.I found my apartment on Zillow.com this was after touring several other apartments of which none seemed to have exactly what i was looking for.The location of my current apartment was a surprise,little did i know i was going to be staying above  restaurants!its located in downtown Richmond right in the center of the city.I am surrounded with fancy restaurants and museums l.My apartment turned out perfect for me ,it has an island kitchen exactly what i was looking .The apartment is more of a loft style  and of average size,perfect for  a bachelor or bachelorette.

IMG_3233For my couch i really wanted a white leather couch,so after thorough research,I  was able to find one on Wayfair.com a company afflicted with Walmart.I love the fact that it  was within my price range and two it  turned out to be comfortable,I sometimes find myself sleeping on it if am too tired to make it to my bed.The coffee table is courtesy of Ebay.com it has about 6 unique led colors  that it changes into,i thought that was cool.For my theme colors i was going for red and white but i ended up throwing in the two black Chanel Paris perfume bottle pillows to spice it up and make it look more chic.I added a lamp with fluorescent  bulbs in the corner just to soften up the room’s glow.Area rugs provide a great way to set the tone or add color to an area, for my rug i was going for a red plush or rather fluffy rug,I found mine on Wayfair.com.

I mounted my TV on the wood thats in the center of my apartment and which  i hate Arrgh! but i covered the wood with white wall paper to make it blend in with theme colors


IMG_3228All in all I am so glad to share that i was able to stay within my budget

What are your theme colors or whats the most essential thing to have in the place you call home ?please share

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What happened in Vegas,didn’t stay in Vegas.



From the strips ,to the Casinos to the restaurants and prestigious hotels I think a trip to Vegas should be on almost every person’s bucket list.its vibrant nightlife is to Die for I myself being such a Funatic Only wish I was living there but maybe again it’s actually a good thing cause I probably would be Highly distracted 😫.My friend and I killed two birds with one stone we mainly had planned to visit LA but then we decided to rent a car and drive to Vegas where we spent a couple nights there

On Day one we walked the strip and took lots of pictures.I have attached photos and videos just to share the  glimpse of our fun times

On day two: We visited the famous Nobu restaurant.I wore the green dress posted  (which almost looks neon to me )to the restaurant ,the dress usually goes well  with a pair of heels but I knew we would do lots of walking so just paired the dress with black flats from Forever21.After lunch we soaked up in pool at the Infamous “Drais restaurant”for this I wore my red two piece swimsuit that I got from Romwe.com Its very comfortable and expands well very elasticated.I like the fact that it compliments my skin tone well .Overall,I had such a fun experience.

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Hiking Tips:A day at Runyon Canyon Park

IMG_2476IMG_2479Hiking Tips:A Day at Runyon Canyon

My trip to LA was the best trip I have had so far my friends and I pretty much did everything.What I really wanted to visit the most was the famous Runyon Canyon Park located in Los Angeles .The park is so beaufitul with so many hiking trails and over looks the Hollywood Sign.It took us about 4hours to hike with ofcourse taking mini rest breaks inbetween.

I had such a fun experience so just wanted to share a few tips for anyone who hasn’t hiked before.

Tip 1 carry Sunscreen:Sunscreen is very important for skin protection and our skin is the biggest organ of our body so we have take care take of it as it takes care of us i prefer sunscreen with SPF50 but you can get Sunscreen with SPF30  it will do the job.

Tip 2 Stay Hydrated:Staying hydrated is very important when hiking because we lose water when we sweat so carrying water is very essential to replenish the water lost.

Tip 3 Carry less items; another important tip to carry less items or better yet carry a light back pack for very essential items because excess weight might interfere with you enjoying your hiking experience and perhaps weigh you down when mountain climbing.

Tip 4 :Wear the most comfortable clothing, For this trip I decided to wear my grey two piece outfit that I got from Moonosa.com.The outfit is very comfortable and stretchy it doesn’t hug my body therefore giving me room to breath and my red vans I purchased them from a Payless store they were so comfortable and light on my feet.I decided to add the  red plaid shirt around my waist so as to match with my shoes,the plaid shirt is from Ruggedwearhouse.Unfortunately my favorite Ruggedwerhouse that’s  close to my house is permanently closed:( that made me sad.

My outfit was combination was very simple.

Lastly but not least have FUN!takes lots of photos create memories!