Coachella inspired outfits:What to wear at Coachella

Coachella is around the corner,I am sure everyone that’s into Coachella has the “Coachella Fever”.Planning outfits, figuring out what to pack and bring along ,to seeing a favorite celebrity artist perform and so much more.And for those that are not too familiar with Coachella ;It is an arts and music festival that’s takes places every year at the Empire Pollo Club In Indio,California.It is one of the largest and most profitable music festival in the United States.Its show cares with various artist and everyone making fashion statements speaking of fashion will be sharing a few outfits that would be perfect for Coachella.

Three piece set

This can also be worn as a three or two piece set ,you can pair it with platform sandals,sneakers or open toe heels.Not too tight fitting because Coachella is several hours you don’t want to be extra in tight clothing make you uncomfortable later .Comfort with style should be the goal.

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Polka Dot Set

Shop here below

Polka Dot will just never go out of style, it will always have that classy vintage look.This would be outfit would be ideal for Coachella because you will blend it with all the other Coachella goers that go for a colorful vintage classy look.The outfit is not too tight fitting because walking a must so you want to make sure your outfit is not squeezing the life and fun out of you. Keep in mind the goal is to be comfortable in a stylish way wink*c

This outfit is unique and will give you some stares (in a good way I believe).Can be mix matched or paired with something else different.This is such a colorful outfit and you can also wear it as a cover up display something inner that you are not too comfortable wearing or you can having a bathing suit underneath.

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What are your Coachella outfit ideas please share. I would suggest you select two shipping for these i outfits so you have them in time for Coachella

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Affordable women’s Clothing:Spring Outfit ideas

I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for spring?I think I am quite ready.I have been gathering my Spring outfits.And yesterday I finally found the chance to rearrange my shoe closet.I felt so accomplished upon completing my self given task.

I am not sure if I told you guys but Spring is actually my favorite weather because i get to bring out pastels and floral prints.Not that I can’t do that in the Summer time however,I feel like Spring is more so of a balance because I can still get to wear my colorful sweaters,perhaps throw over a trench coat here and there.

Enough about me let’s not negate the reason for this post.In this post,I am introducing you to Anemoye.An online store that provides wholesale women’s clothing.They are accessible worldwide so regardless of your location, you can still be able to purchase from them.They recently just added amazing pieces that I think are ideal for Spring.I am listing a few and also providing suggestions to which type of events you can wear the pieces.

Off shoulder glitter dress

This dress is absolutely gorgeous, it has the perfect balance of shimmer and its off shoulder design helps you achieve a classy look.I would suggest this dress to anyone attending a wedding, gala or any other type of exquisite event.

Floral Top

Perfect for a Picnic or casual occasion,it is made out of spandex and polyester material.Its not tight fitting,so it’s very comfortable and suitable for everyday wear.Can be paired with jeans or mono colored capris or a skirt.

Sequin dress; Michelle pink

I adore this piece, because I think it’s just lovely from the color, to the texture of the material and to its design : the semi exposure of the leg.I mean it’s Spring then Summer right after, so a little skin won’t hurt wink*.During the warm weather,I am usually into loose fitting clothing especially sun dresses etc.This would be ideal for a baby shower, day party or any other social gathering.


With Spring knocking our doors, we still expect to have times when the weather is chilly.Hence the reason why I recommend adding this sweater to your closet.I thinks it versatile and can be paired with a variety of other colors and not only that, it is beautifully designed.

You can shop these pieces and many more at their wholesale women clothing

Any other Spring outfit ideas that you guys would like to share?please comment below.

Thank you for reading

*collaborative post

Affordable Holiday gift ideas for Her

With the holidays around, I am sure almost everyone has a gift list. While we are on the holiday subject is anyone else wondering how time has flown by so fast? I really feel like it was just yesterday we were entering 2018, but now we are getting ready to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019. Hence the reason why I feel like we should all enjoy and celebrate life because cliche to say life really is short. Chase that dream, accomplish that goal. Cherish and appreciate your loved ones is the reason for this post; Because  I will be sharing a few a few affordable gift ideas for her that you can gift as a token of appreciation of how much she means to you. It doesn’t just have to be your significant other it could as well be your mom, grandmother, sister or aunt etc.

Pack of 5 Womens Vintage Style Thick Wool Warm Winter Crew Socks

Pack of 5 Womens Vintage Style Cotton Knitting Wool Warm Winter Fall Crew Socks, Mixed Color 1, One Size - fit shoe sizes from 5-10

Help her stay warm and fuzzy with these fun and trendy vintage socks, perfect for winter and autumn. They are comfortable, lightweight and suitable for any occasion.

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This lovely Tote is such a perfect gift idea for the holidays, Most people tend to travel for the holidays so why not help her travel in style with this Beautiful tote. It comes with a detachable bag which would be ideal for her to utilize to organize her makeup or any other beauty products and also comes with a matching wristlet that can come in handy as a change or cardholder.

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Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizing Facial Serum

Every skin needs a little TLC more especially in the winter, so it’s important to use products that will be essential for your skin. Aveeno Positively Radiant Drops help even out your skin tone and texture while also providing a glow from within. Its designed to track and lock in moisture for about 48 hours. It is very gentle on skin and it does not contain any parabens. Most Importantly it is Dermatology recommended. Help that special woman in your life continue maintaining her glow *Wink.

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Ladies Vintage Cross Shoulder Bag


This lovely lady cross shoulder bag would be so ideal as a gift for her. It is made out if leather and very affordable. It has a neutral color which makes it more suitable for everyday wear. Can go well if paired with jeans or a dress.

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Makeup Brushes

With so many makeup trends and tutorial all over social media platforms such as Pinterest and Youtube, why not help her enhance her beauty skills with these lovely makeup brushes. They come in a lovely rose gold kit and contain all types of blending brushes from the foundation, contour to concealing brush and more.

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What are Gift ideas do you have in mind? Please share 🙂

Happy Holidays!





Trendy Fall fashion colors,How to pair your colors this Fall


When we think of Fall fashion, we normally think of a combination of dark colors and having several layers of clothing on for warmth and coziness. However, that is not always necessarily the entire case because you can still achieve a stylish fall look with fewer layers and brighter colors. Bright colors are not just for Spring. You can spice up your look by mix matching dark and lighter colors. The brighter, lighter colors that seem to be trendy this Fall are yellow, limelight and russet orange etc. Brown, green, cream or any colors with a warm base are considered to be on the dark colors side. If you happen to have any of these colors in your wardrobe and I would encourage you to try mix matching your colors whether it be a dress, skirt, shorts and then finally seal the look with a warm color blazer or jacket.

I stumbled upon this lovely dress while shopping in Ross it has a combination of Fall colors so I thought it would be perfect for Fall and the best part was how very affordable it was. I paired the dress with my knee-high black boots and with my black hat which was also another Ross bargain. I thought the brown straw around the hat made such a fall statement. 

Speaking of Fall statement, Boots are always the perfect way to make a fall statement. Whether they are ankle, calf, knee or thigh high. For me, I am a sucker for thigh high boots but even if you have calf or ankle boots you can always add fishnet stockings or tights to complete your fall look.

What other Fall colors do you have in mind? What is your ideal Fall fashion statement? Please do share 🙂

Outfit Details

Boots @Aldo

Dress@ Ross

Hat @ Ross

Purse @ Seasonal Secrets (my store coming soon)



My Trip to Cancun Mexico/Sharing a few international travel Tips

Hello loves, Hope everyone is doing well. All is well on my end just trying to adjust to the fall weather.  I just wanted to share with you guys my experiences during my stay in Mexico for my birthday. So my Birthday was on September 30th, I was quite on the edge for a while about what exactly I wanted to do, I didn’t come to a decision until about two weeks before my birthday; Cancun Mexico it was. I did my research and sought advice from a couple friends that have actually traveled to Mexico. My stay in Mexico was amazing the duration of my stay was only three days but they were all worthwhile.

We arrived Friday evening and stayed at the Grand Krystal Resort and checked out Monday morning. We had all inclusive drinks and food.The staff at the resort were very welcoming and friendly, they definitely catered to all our needs and the room service was very prompt. I really wasn’t too keen on the food , I am not sure if it was just my taste buds that were off during my stay or the food actually just wasn’t that great however the breakfast I must say was amazing, they had almost every tropical fruit and a wide variety of pastries I had never seen nor heard of.

On my actual Birthday, we had a dinner reservation at the Hibachi restaurant which was part of the resort, I wore this ruffled white dress with my Black and white platform heels to my birthday dinner. To spice up the look I decided to wear my Fenty Stunna lip paint, its bold red color definitely sealed the look.


For Adventures we each drove the ATVs and they were extremely fun, I actually fell off the ATV I was driving because I had mistakenly stepped on the gas while turning which was such a big no but thankfully I wasn’t hurt.


We went Forest ziplining sorry guys I was unable to take pictures because we were not allowed the staff over there do take pictures but you have to pay for them. Unfortunately, we ran out of cash and they did not accept cards, therefore, we couldn’t purchase the pictures.

Jet skiing was my most favorite adventure. It was really exhiliarating and breathtaking. I  realized after we left that I took more videos than pictures sorry guys but I do hope you guys still get to enjoy the footage of the videos.


On an ending note, I wanted to share with you guys a few international traveling trips;

1.Carry cash or pocket because it will come in very handy and more convenient, most importantly it will save you the time of having to search for ATMs and prevent communication struggles due to language barriers.

2.learn the meaning of a few words in a different language such as hello, water, food or thank you etc.It will make it a little much easier for you to convey your message to someone else who speaks a different language.

3. Have an emergency health kit with items such as Benadryl, band-aids or small alcohol bottle etc. Just incase you encounter food allergies or minor accidents.

4. Do your research, have and an idea of what activities you would like to explore this will save you time and I highly do recommend you do your research about the safety of the destination of where you intend on traveling to.Contrary to other people’s advice, I felt really safe in Cancun. Everyone I came across seemed caring and nice.

Last but not least HAVE FUN!


Sharing/introducing you guys to an affordable online store PoppyApparel

hello guys! I hope everyone is doing well, I have been quite silent due to being so preoccupied with my nursing job and getting my school in order but I am back now and I aim to be more consistent. So with this post, I wanted to share with you guys an online store called that reached out to me about being a brand ambassador.


I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of the store before but to my surprise, I was actually impressed with the products that they have. The bathing suit I purchased arrived in about two weeks, I really didn’t like the packaging but the quality of the bathing suit was exactly as described and so was the color. The customer service is pretty good, they responded to my questions within several hours.

Not only does Poppy Apparel have swimsuits, they have several other apparels such as lingerie, swim, and activewear and many more. They actually also do have vegan/vegetarian tees and other accessories. I have added a few pictures of the bikini because I think their products are of good quality, so guys give it a try and share with me your shopping experience :).

You can use my discount code Fashionchic for 10% off any of your orders

Happy Sunday Xoxo

Summer Outfit Idea:Gingham Dress styled three ways.


Shop these looks

Kate Spade Handbag >Goodwill Thrift Store

Gingham Dress@ Sold out but shop similar @

Converse shoes>  

AnklFishnet stocks@

Yellow Strap

Black Ankle Boots shop similar @

Summer is finally here and it’s that main season that brings out fun, colorful prints and fabrics in a stylish way. With so many fashion trends coming along, this season I feel like Gingham print will absolutely be one of them. Gingham is a checkered pattern that closely resembles Plaid. To be honest, at some point I used to confuse the two. So how can you tell the difference between the two? Gingham has more overlapping symmetrical stripes that are usually of the same color. whilst Plaid is also a checkered pattern, it is, however, asymmetrical usually having both horizontal and vertical lines that come in different colors.

As Gingham seems to be more trendy this season  I thought I would share with you guys an affordable summer outfit idea. I decided to wear this lovely gingham dress three ways giving various look or rather ideas on how Gingham can be so universal.

With the first look, I was going for a casual street style look. I paired the dress with some red Converse shoes worn with short fishnet stockings. I added my big bold red purse just to give it a summery look that can be perfect for a fun-filled event such as a Picnic or Amusement Park etc.

The second look I paired the dress with my lovely comfortable black ankle boots, to finish the look I added my Moschino jacket backpack bag. I was going for a college girl look, I know school is out but this would be perfect for back to school or for summer school *wink.

The third look is more of a casual dressy look, I paired it with my strap up yellow heels and the  Kate Spade handbag. I thought the yellow stripe on the handbag would match perfectly with the shoes. This look would be ideal for an occasion where you will get to seat more frequently such as a Tea Party, a girl’s day out such as brunch or luncheon etc.

Which of these looks is your favorite, What do you think of my outfit ideas?

Do you own any gingham clothing or accessory? if so how do you plan on rocking it?

Thanks for reading! feedback will highly be appreciated 🙂